Robotics Institute of Harbin institute of technology

  • Robotics Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) was established in 1986. The institute is one of earliest professional institutes focusing on the research and development of robotics technology in China.In 1980s, the first domestic arc-welding robot and spot-welding robot had been created successfully. During the past decades, the open Laboratory of Intelligent Robot Outlets of national “863 Program”, the Industrialization Base of national “863 Program”, the Key Laboratory of Robot Technology of Heilongjiang province, the Robotics Engineering Center of Heilongjiang province, the Sino-German (HIT-DLR) joint robotics laboratory and the Research Center of Aerospace Mechanism and Control key discipline laboratory of COSTIND (StateCommissionofScienceandTechnologyforNationalDefenseIndustry) have been founded and affiliated to this institute. In 2007, the State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System was established authorized by China government.

  • The institute is the leading organization of MechatronicEngineering Discipline at HIT. The institute of robotics owns the first Chinese PhD-Degree program in mechanical control and automation in 1990. She is also the National 211-project Key Construction Organization, the first discipline of Yangtze River Scholars program distinguished professor, and has been authorized the postdoc training program. Robotics institute has a high quality teaching and scientific research team which is set up and led by the Academician, Distinguished Young Scholars,Yangtze River Scholars and seniority professor. It can enroll 70 master students, 30 PhD students and 10 postdoc students each year. Furthermore, the institute has collaborated with the universities and institutes in the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, Singapore and other countries in international communication and research.

  • To support the national economy and the      people's livelihood, the institute has built up scientific      research systems including “production, study, research” by      combining the requirements of major national construction projects,      major national science and technology projects, national      security, defense construction projects and futuredevelopmenttrend of international robot technology. She has multiple      stable and distinctive research directions including space robots,      industrial robots, medicalrobots, bio-robot, Micro-nano robot and special service      robots. To date, the institute has undertaken and achieved more than 200 national      scientific and technical programs. Meanwhile, the institute has acquired      significant theoretical fruits in the research areas of robotics, and more      than 20 national and provincial awards. More than 1000 papers have been      published and more than 300 invention patents have been authorized. Of      these papers, more than 800 are indexed by SCI and EI.      

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